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Anritsu MT9812B dfb laser +10 dbm 1530 - 1560 nm 9 mods

Submitter: (Gretchen Blackburn)
What Gretchen Blackburn is selling: Anritsu MT9812B dfb laser +10 dbm 1530 - 1560 nm 9 mods
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The MT9812B is a mainframe supporting devices such as DFBLD multiple light sources and multi-channel device evaluation systems. A maximum of 9 MT9810B compatible light sources (DFB-LD, FP-LD, SLD) and optical sensor units can be inserted. In addition to being able to set and verify setting conditions for each unit on the front panel, a remotely controlled measurement system can be supported as GPIB and RS-232C interfaces are standard equipment. The unit incorporates a DFB-LD light source that supports D-WDM and complies with ITU-T. High Power of +10 dBm and high stability of better than or equal to ±0.005 dB are provided. In addition, high stability of better than or equal to ±2 GHz can be achieved for the center frequency. The center frequency of the light source can be varied in the maximum range of ±60 GHz (approx. ±0.5 nm). Moreover, the frequency can be displayed in either frequency or wavelength units. This function allows a required frequency to be set between reference grids.
This system has the following modules installed:
The cards have the following specifications:
* Applicable optical fiber: SM (ITU-T G.652)
* Specified wavelength: 1563.86 to 1530.33 nm (191.7 to 195.9 THz)
* Center optical frequency: fp ±0.01 THz (approx. ±0.08 nm)
* Spectrum half width: =30 MHz
* Optical output power: +10 ±1 dBm
* Time stability (short term): =±0.005 dB
* Time stability (long term): =±0.02 dB
* Temperature stability: =±0.25 dB
* Center frequency stability
* Time stability (short term): =±2 GHz (approx. ±0.02 nm)
* Time stability (long term): =±4 GHz (approx. ±0.04 nm)
* Tuning range: fp ±60 GHz (approx. ±0.48 nm), Step: 1 GHz (approx. 0.01 nm)
* Accuracy: =±10 GHz (setting to fp +60 GHz, or fp –60 GHz, 25°C)
* Frequency: 270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz ±0.1%
* Duty: 50% ±5%, Extinction ratio: =13 dB
* Optical output attenuation: 0.00 to 6.00 dB (0.01 dB steps), accuracy: =±0.5 dB (at 25°C when set to 6.00 dB)
* Warm-up time: 1 h (after optical output on)
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