Wyler leveltronic A40 with levelmeter

Submitter: (Angeline Mcpherson)
What Angeline Mcpherson is selling: Wyler leveltronic A40 with levelmeter
The following information was collected from the Warren-Knight web page:
A compact electronic inclination measuring instrument without integrated display. The instrument is used in combination with the LEVELMETER 25 which is the display and power supply unit. The instrument may be used in combination with the LEVELMETER as a differential measuring system. (Display of the measuring difference between the two connected LEVELTRONICs). The LEVELMETER has also a signal output (1mV/digit)
The instruments are available with different sensitivities. In contrast to the MINILEVEL, the LEVELTRONIC has one measuring range only. The measuring range is ±1999 digits.
Analogue measuring technology; changing the pendulum movement into a capacitive signal
Useful for mobile application; the readout is available in distance to the instruments place, useful for adjustment tasks; the differential measurement allows quick analysis; battery driven; sturdy, not sensitive to magnetic field, in market close to 20 years; wide acceptance in the machine tool industry
Depending on the use various types of bases are available. The measuring unit is mounted to the respective base and adjusted accordingly. This only gives the complete unit of a LEVELTRONIC A40
Most of the instruments can be equipped with magnetic inserts
Three types are available with various sensitivities:
Specifications LEVELTRONIC A40
* 4 Battery type UM 3 / 1,5V for LEVELMETER 25
* The LEVELMETER 25 is compatible with the WYLER LEVELADAPTER SET 2000 hooked up to a IBM compatible PC. With this configuration various types of flatness measurements can be done and the respective graphic output together with a protocol is available
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Wyler leveltronic A40 with levelmeter Wyler leveltronic A40 with levelmeter